Jim Doolittle Photography
  • Aspen Meets Antler

    A mature Aspen grove scared by the many antlered species in Yellowstone NP. During the shoot a single black wolf spent an hour watching us move from scene to scene and occasionally calling out.

  • Waiting to Shred

    Crushed cars are stacked neatly in columns of ten awaiting their turn to be violently shredded into bite size pieces, sorted by material type, then transported to all parts of the country for reuse.

  • Car Claw

    The masterful operator behind the claw loads crushed cars on the conveyer where they will be shredded into tiny pieces in a matter of seconds.

  • Rust Bucket

    American-made cars of this day were the pride of the country when bigger was always better.

  • Traffic Jam

    Retired American-made cars and trucks from the 50's dissolve among the pines in a remote corner of Georgia.

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